Financial Services Process

The test of financial service product is credibility to the recipients of the information and the independence and expertise of the service provider.   This requires assertion of facts supported by a preponderance of evidence; by the use of acceptable approaches and methods, and by adherence to professional standards.  While each engagement is custom to the particular needs and circumstances, the steps shown below are typical of the process Barnet Associates Financial Services follows in our engagements.


  1. Company will provide copies of business information including
    1. Financial Statements
    2. Business Plans
    3. Corporate Documents
    4. Investor Presentations
    5. Management and Organization
    6. Marketing Information
    7. Description of key assets and liabilities
    8. Other information as required

  2. Interviews
    1. Company will provide access to management and directors/investors for interviews
    2. Contractor will interview management and directors/investors as appropriate
    3. Company and director/investors will provide information relating to:
      1. Business and industry
      2. Acquisition potential and other similar company acquisition values
      3. Comparable companies
      4. Partnership and alliance opportunities with major industry players
      5. Expected product adoption rates and hurdles in the marketplace to release and acceptance of the product
      6. Management team and work force and work force skills
      7. Major investors
      8. Attractiveness of industry segment
      9. Business challenges including marketplace and major competitors, barriers to entry, competitive forces, existence of proprietary technology, product, or service, strategic relationships
      10. Risk factors faced by the enterprise

3.   Contractor reviews and analyses the above information along with publicly available information

4.   Contractor determines and applies the approaches and methods for determining the valuation in accordance with appraisal standards

5.  Contractor prepares a draft report for management review

6.  Contractor reviews the draft document with management

7.  Contractor provides  the Company with a final report


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